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About Us

Our owners Eric Frederick and Ryan Parra had an idea, “How do we bring some sense of normalcy into a COVID-19 world, while still being COVID-19 safe?” By combining their experiences as educators, humanitarians, and their extensive knowledge of sustainable business practices, “Sandia Photography” is unlike any other local business.

Volunteer Work

Our business owners have a proud history of decades of non-profit work. These range from volunteering for local non-profits, being community advocates, and participating in “International Humanitarian missions”. Our dedication to create a better world is based on single quote, “Never accept the world as it appears to be, dare to see it for what it could be”.

View Our Portfolio

For those looking to see a history of our work check out our online portfolio. This is a living catalog of all past, current, and future works available for viewing by the public.

Popular Prints

View our most popular and beloved prints. Any prints with a “Star” mean we share proceeds of that print with a non-profit. Check out our “Volunteer work” page for more information.

Up in the Clouds

Check out our pictures taken in the sky! We have a wide array of Aerial photography for any occasion. Our pictures taken from the cockpit of an Aircraft; we have pictures to help make a perfect gift.


Looking for something relaxing? Why not something from our beautiful “Nature Collection “. Check our upcoming “African Adventures line”. In 2021 we will be traveling to Africa. Purchasing our prints from this collection not only helps to fund our upcoming trip to Africa, but helps to fund projects when we travel to Uganda in 2021. Proceeded will be donated to “Rotary International” and “United Nations Foundation”

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